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The strange plastic paper I was required to do the drawing on is really dumb. It doesn't seem to like ANY materials at all. After I thought I figured out something that maybe wasn't going to be horrible on it and still be not opaque (brush pens) I come back later to find while it was drying the colors bled. >_>

Anyway - it still came out kinda cool I think.

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So Chris bought a 40in Plasma TV!!! I am so pumped!!
Today I bought new sheets and all new pillows for the bed room. I really needed it. I used the money Dad gave me for it.
I bought some appliance extension cords for the air conditioner. New bathroom rug and a vase for a beautiful HUGE bouquet we got at Whole Foods for 5 bucks! I also bought a skirt that was a 16 girls. O_o It's houndstooth. I love it.
I got a summer dress for Brandi. I'm going to get Mitch a movie or something. (Dad can you email me their address?)
I've got a lot done the past two days. I re-arranged my whole closet and hung up all my skirts with the new hangers I bought. Now I can see everything! Been doing lots of cleaning and running errands. It's nice having a car. :) I love driving to work and not having to wake up and pedal to work. I feel happy

A BUNCH of sketches. Also all on dA. Most of them are in scraps. Click to see them larger (see them better!).

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Totoro Colored Pencil Sketch Totoro Colored Pencil Sketch


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