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Apr. 21st, 2009 09:49 pm
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SO! I've made some kitty word balloons. I'm going to offer these as 1.25in buttons.
$3.99 ea or $9.99 for a set of 3.

These can also act as high quality custom badges in the size and shape of your choice:
CUSTOM Product Details
2 shapes, 6 sizes to choose from:
  • LJ icon - $7.99 ea
  • Round
    • Small: 1.25" round - $9.99 ea
    • Med: 2.25" round - $10.99 ea
    • Large: 3" round - $11.99 ea
    • Huge: 4" round- $12.99 ea 
    • Colossal: 6" round - $14.99 ea
  • Square
    •  2" x 2" square - $10.99 ea

Incentive------> You get a free kitty pin of one of the above if you refer two sales to me!

Animated LJ icons: $9.99!
Customized for you, and you choose what they say on the back!


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I finally finished my commission for Felix! He was so patient with me having a stressful time with graduation and all. I had to put it on hold for months. But it's finally done now under the cut. :)

Commission for Felix )


May. 17th, 2008 01:27 pm
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I was bored last night and I was thinking about drawing. I started playing around with this idea of Layra's dragon but made very human or fawnish. Just playing around. If I colored it I would have made the nose blue and fade into a sort of brownish skin tone. You can see a few scaly things around the outside of her chest. I also put fur right under the neck instead of the sides of the head so it didn't look like facial hair. :P I also made parts of the blue striped things on the appendages into more stripe like things so she wouldn't be really scaly. The head is too big. I wasn't using any reference and I seem to always make heads too large when I don't haha. I wonder why.

Click to view larger.


Apr. 20th, 2008 09:12 pm
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Doodled a bit today. This was one thing I liked.

Click to enlarge.
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The strange plastic paper I was required to do the drawing on is really dumb. It doesn't seem to like ANY materials at all. After I thought I figured out something that maybe wasn't going to be horrible on it and still be not opaque (brush pens) I come back later to find while it was drying the colors bled. >_>

Anyway - it still came out kinda cool I think.

Click to see larger
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Here is some of what I've been doing in Life Drawing class at Ai. There are problems with some of them but they are 2-5-10 minute drawings so .... yeah. I don't say what is what but you get the idea basically on how much detail they end up having. More difficult positions maybe were a longer time and it took me a while to get the figure right.
Some of them came out pretty good I think.
Anyone who doesn't know what life drawing is, it's basically nude models and you don't get a lot of time to draw them. It's mostly about getting the form down in a good gesture and proportions. These are not finished drawings. This is my favorite one:

+18 )


Feb. 24th, 2008 12:41 am
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Went to IHOP tonight! I had delicious french toast and eggs sunny side up. They tasted so good together. I think I am addicted now...

Someone took my spot outside that we shoveled out and moved the stuff we put there to save it. You know.... in Southie they break your windows for doing that.
I am not kidding. You see shit in the street after it snows and you move it and park there... get ready.
This douchebag just DROVE OVER the crate we put down and then drove into the folding chair. What an ass.
For the most part people respect these little city rules. But some people are just assholes.

Dan and Yaritza came over and we played hockey on Playstation. I decided to draw Dan because I said I'd draw him a chibi but I got sick of drawing those so I took it back. HA! Anyway, I did this instead. Then I decided to draw Yaritza too.

Click to view larger! :)

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I had this idea for a mercat and I made a character sheet up for it to test out the wacom I'm using from school before starting to color Felix's commission.

Click to view larger:
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Add on Moods for [profile] chlorophyta . You can now see the full set here: Chlorophyta Moods
Add ons:

Emotionally Distant Set for [profile] technobushi
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For [ profile] sakuranym_kit
This is about 4x3 actual in real life, but a little bigger so because it comes out of the borders. I was doodling really in mind just for icons and this happened.

LJ icons:

I finished and realized I left almost nowhere to put the name sotried this )
... not sure if I like it or not, or if it's necessary.

I'll take commissions if anyone is savvy, for this kind of badge at $30 because it's not worth the work otherwise. That's even still undercharging for it probably.
I'll do an icon of the same concept: Your character with background personal to it intermingling around small box. I haven't decided what I'd charge for that yet though.
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Moods for [profile] chlorophyta . Her Mom commissioned them for her birthday so I snapped them out pretty quick a while back, but I had to keep them secret! She got them now so I can post them for all to see. :P
Add ons:   
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[ profile] yaritza wanted a chibi and I drew [ profile] yourpinkmoon because he was over.

LJ icons:
Yaritza:Matt roy LJ:

See the whole thing )

Brush Pens

Oct. 18th, 2007 09:39 pm
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Today I discovered brush pens or markers or whatever. I like them.

I'm disappointed in this though because I added a lame background and ruined it. Oh well - it was my first attempt with these markers.

I love the design of this dragon way too much for my own good. >.<

Layra full body
by *nippyfrog on deviantART
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These were the two sketches I did of the uniboar:

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WIP of [ profile] felix_carni as an eastern dragon. No spots yet.

Felix Dragon Head
by *nippyfrog on deviantART

Felix Dragon WIP
by *nippyfrog on deviantART


Oct. 8th, 2007 01:07 am
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Conbadge I made for [ profile] marmalade_sun

by *nippyfrog on deviantART

I'll be taking these at $17-$25 depending on how complex your character is.
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I found this half sketch I started when [ profile] layra first made this character and I decided to finish it, then color it in roughly with photoshop. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Lara Sketch
by *nippyfrog on deviantART


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