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This was a comment to an entry in [ profile] layra The answer is never easily found.

"I guess I see it more like, we're all just part of the same energy flow and the 'stuff' that we're made of will be around until the universe dies (if that's possible). "

Yeah I believe roughly this idea. I feel like it makes sense to me that everything in the world goes in circles. As time has passed my belief in heaven has passed farther and farther away. The idea of hell to me is utterly ridiculous. Since if the Christian god is supposed to be kind and forgiving, why would he punish people with no chance to ever say sorry again? Naw. I don't buy that. But I don't buy heaven really either anymore. It makes more sense to me that like everything else that happens in this world, it comes around again. How can something that is "alive" in the sense of the soul, ever go away if it was once living? Technically our meaty bodies go back into the Earth, provoking more life. Why wouldn't our souls come around again? Souls seem like they could be individual like in the Christian ideal, or they could be the product of a "hot spark" of lifeforce (which I feel much more attached to this concept). Maybe when you die that life enters in with other "life force" and mixes up and zaps some new life into a new life. According to scientific laws energy can neither be created or destroyed. So, the soul can't be the only thing that was set in motion and is able to stop and NOT provide energy to something else. That could explain remembrance of past lives. Or feelings about things you have no real understanding about. In a past life or dimension you could have understood something you just CAN'T here.
Which in turn leads me to say, although I enjoy pondering the meanings of things and I have some ideas about what I feel in my heart I just can't believe, I have no real concrete idea about any of it except that I believe there is a soul, or life force, something making this sack of meat I call a body run. If someone replied to all my theories here and said it was absolutely ridiculous, I would say maybe they are. I can't prove anything to you. I have no concrete idea myself. Anything anyone believes and has a good feeling about could be true. One thing I do feel sure of is no one REALLY knows for sure. Also! Why would God punish us for not believing in the RIGHT RELIGION. That notion is absurd to me. There's NO POSSIBLE WAY to know so concretely sure without seeing it for yourself. Why would you ever be punished for just not knowing when there is no way to know? For something that is apparently so powerful I don't think it'd have insecurity issues where it just NEEDED your attention and worship. Something that created all would only logically be so knowledgeable and wise that it would be understanding to all and not require any worship. I think people project human tendencies to something that our puny human brains could never ever understand. Which is something I've come to accept. I don't know. I can't possibly know. So I'm just gonna be a good person and respect life and have fun.

Some of us just might have a pretty good idea. I have a pretty good idea that bases off of how scientifically the world keeps everything coming around again, fueling each other. Only makes sense to me the life-force would follow the same pattern everything else works on here . I'm pretty open to the idea of what after death holds. Although, I have a good feeling that there is no hell.

Why so many people are so fixated on getting to heaven is sometimes something I wonder about. I also wonder why some people think our reason for being is just because someone disobeyed God, and we're supposed to be fighting to get back to Eden. What's so AWFUL about being alive? Yeah, sometimes it sucks. But, don't you think if you were happy ALL time where nothing ever happened and everyone was so content they never created anything new and there was no such thing as progression of knowledge; wouldn't that be painfully boring?

What is the meaning of life?
Maybe it's the simplest concept.
To know what it is to exist. To live. To have an experience.

That's enough reason for me to WANT to stay alive. I don't wanna die yet. I'm not ready. The reason is because I want to live, to exist. Can't this be enough reason to be in the first place? Maybe someone would say that is too simple. On the contrary - to be alive and know life is a complicated, often difficult experience; yet..... I wouldn't give up my experiences and time for anything.
I might go back into the life force. I might cease to exist as a person and my "hot spark" might live on. I might remember things strongly somewhere of my one experience. I might faintly hold memories of many as I speak right now. I might hold memories of my specific past lives.
Maybe I will just cease to exist.
Whatever the outcome. I don't think it'd correct for me to say I FEAR death, I'm just not done here yet. When I do die, my worries in this body are over, wherever I end up: no where, somewhere, or someone else. I'm not going to die and regret things or yearn for the life as Rachel back because that's something only a living person would seem to have an issue with. Since it appears no matter what, you go on to something else and you're busy with that, or you're not around to worry period.

My favorite idea is just that we all die and join together as "life force" again to come around and continue to exist. It makes the most logical sense to me.


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