Aug. 14th, 2008

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Today I made these in illustrator:

I know it seems like a lot of nothing, but I'm really proud of them! I made these in illustrator - no bevel filters or anything. There's not really anything like that in illustrator that will not rasterize the image. Plus, I think if you can make things yourself they often come out better and faster than when you tried to use filters and edit them.

I had to recreate something for work and so I started to make the circle thing. I actually built it slightly differently. They were using what looked like a drop shadow bevel, and probably created it in PS. I decided to make it more shiny overall.
Without any help from any tutorials or what have you, I just used my knowledge of light and shadow from drawing and applied it to these buttons. I think they came out fantastic! :D
I know people make much more amazing things with illustrator. I've even made some pretty intricate things. I've never used illustrator to create something with this much depth before though, and it just made me very excited. :P

To remind myself how to make things like this and for anyone who might find it useful I made a tutorial. )


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